Freespirit Horse Art has specialised in the production of special articles. In addition to our special “standard” articles in our webshop we also produce articles for special occasions. These articles are custom made for a customer and according to his wishes. These can be photographs, a commune or a wedding. Sometimes it is a subject for which we can find an appropriate solution.

Below you will find some examples of special projects for which we have created articles.

This concerned an upcoming wedding, where the horses got a rope and a collar and the dog got a collar in the colours of the wedding dress. This was black and red with roses. So also our products got these colours and of course the roses could not be missing.

Another speciale opdracht was a complete set with the theme “de Middeleeuwen”. This is why we will be able to offer you a set with the Kessen-Moving Mounted Archery to make your puppies fit in with the Middeleeuw theme.

Sometimes a garment is the reason to have an article designed and made. Here was the request to make a set to match a dirndl dress.