Halter baroque


Ropehalter Baroque. For the baroque horse, but of course also for all other breeds.

Please enter below which colours you would like to have incorporated in your rope halter. Fill in the colour of the rope halter at the base. At choose colour (1)  Choose the colour for the noseband! The colour  of the outer band is standard gold.


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< 40 cmMini ShetXXS
40 cm - 45 cmShetXS
45 cm - 50 cmB/C PonyS
50 cm - 55 cmCobM
55 cm - 65 cmFULLL
> 65 cmX - FullXL
Op maatXX - FullXXL

A rope halter is one of the articles in our range. There is a choice of various knotted models. But if you want something really special and you also have a baroque horse, a rope halter with gold in it is a special eye-catcher.


The baroque model is, as said before, particularly suitable for horses of a baroque breed such as for example a (PRE) Andalusian, a Friesian, Lucitano or Lippizaner or other horses of a baroque breed. This sidepull is knotted in the baroque colours black and gold, but can of course be made in any colour. Only the golden rim on the nose is a fixed colour. Of course, a baroque model can also be used for horses of other breeds.

Other models:

Do you want a special version, do you have a baroque horse but you want a specimen to be able to ride then this specific model is also  available as sidepull baroque.

You can also choose from various other models. Like chin crossed bridles, a riding bridle or a natural hackamore. All these models can be fitted with reins, neckropes, etc.  accessories such as different kinds of clips.

So if you are looking for a training aid or a bitless bridle, you have come to the right place. Feel free to look around in our shop. Do you have any questions or wishes that are not mentioned or pictured? Please contact us. You can also contact us through social media like Facebook and Instagram.



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Size Halter

Mini Shet, Shet, Pony, Cob, Full, Extra Full

Colour halter

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Rings (as sidepull)



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Nose colour 1

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Colour earband

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